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Why Mediate?

Avoid litigation and legal fees and keep decision making in your hands instead of placing your fate in the hands of a judge. Mediation is a mutually agreed, voluntary process that can begin at any time during a dispute, even after legal proceedings have been filed.

The Mediator is appointed by both parties to the dispute and is, and must remain, totally independent and neutral. The Mediator has the ability to “step back” and bring perspective to the dispute but does not decide the outcome.

Instead, the Mediator assists the parties in reaching a solution to the dispute that is mutually acceptable, ultimately something which both sides are able to live with.

The parties can involve their lawyers in the mediation process but this remains optional and all proceedings remain private.

Parties who select mediation to try and resolve their differences typically achieve a 90% success rate.

Over the past 10 years mediation has, more often than not, become a requirement of many contracts and pre-court hearings in a concerted effort to save both sides to a dispute not only wasting the court’s time but saving the associated costs of a formal hearing.

Whilst mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a non-binding voluntary process (unless mediation had contractually been added to the original terms and conditions surrounding the dispute) the courts actively encourage ADR. Indeed, where one party to a dispute is not prepared to opt for mediation, the court’s view is often less than favourable to that dissenting party.

Increase Certainty,
Save Time, Reduce Cost


    Whilst your case may have the utmost significance to you and the other party, that significance will often be lost in a court case where a time-pressed judge must ultimately make a decision based purely on the law and the limited evidence that is provided in the restricted and formal setting of the courtroom.

    However, in mediation, the parties can bring to the table all issues that are important to them, legal or otherwise, and can ensure that these are heard by the other side and given due consideration.


    No party to a business dispute wants to “air their dirty washing” in public. However, it is often forgotten by litigants that courtrooms are public arenas where full reporting rights exist sometimes resulting in negative and / or embarrassing publicity.

    Mediation is totally private and confidential. The process and the outcome are determined within a private forum without external interference or disclosure.

    The total privacy that mediation affords often opens up new opportunities for a more flexible settlement with neither side “losing face”.

  • Reduce Time, cost and risk

    At some point, even with litigation, your case will be settled but when that will actually be, and most importantly, at what final cost, are uncertain. Mediation allows the parties to avoid all of that uncertainty.

    In addition, parties who mediate often experience a higher degree of satisfaction and relief with what can often be a ‘creative’ solution achieved voluntarily than by parties who let a judge decide in a court case.

    Even if a dispute cannot be fully resolved through mediation, often the process brings clarity to the parties and reveals common ground reducing the issues to be further negotiated.

About US


Adrian is a Chartered Accountant, businessman and CEDR accredited Mediator.

During his 30 year career as a Chartered Accountant and business consultant, Adrian was involved in countless business disputes between organisations, between partners and between employers and employees, invariably playing the role of mediator to achieve amicable and agreeable outcomes for all parties, avoiding the need for litigation.

As a businessman and serial entrepreneur involved in businesses including recruitment, retail businesses, property and fitness, Adrian knows that business disputes are an inevitable reality of business life and has been at the cutting edge of many such disputes.

As an accredited mediator Adrian combines the technical skillset of the professional mediator with a lifetime of real alternative dispute resolution.


Jeff is a serial entrepreneur, insurance assessor, art collector, TV personality and top negotiator.

He is the chairman of various successful companies all which he started himself including probably the best known firm of insurance loss assessors in the UK and the best known national air conditioning installers and hirers.

Jeff is an international art dealer and Central London gallery owner. He also owns a digital marketing and branding agency, a disability access company and a Medical Health Centre.

Over his many years involved in diverse businesses, Jeff has had to employ his negotiation skills in countless and various ways, which he showcases as a top dealer in the Channel 4 negotiation series, Four Rooms.

Why Choose Us?


    If lawyers could resolve your dispute they would have already done so. The legal process is naturally adversarial and promotes the concept of winners and losers. It’s part of the lawyer’s DNA. We have no axe to grind with lawyers and it probably comes as no surprise to learn that the vast majority of mediation instructions come from lawyers themselves. However, the lawyer’s in-depth legal knowledge is often not conducive with the role of a neutral facilitator. We offer a fresh common-sense approach when the legal process is not working for you.

    If you’re in a business dispute then call Mediatus, the established experts in commercial conflict management and dispute resolution. We are the commercial mediators.


    To resolve a dispute you will need to negotiate. We know that. We’ve done it countless times.

    Whilst we will not negotiate for you, our expertise in knowing how to achieve a resolution will help you get there.



    Our hands-on business experience is second to none, covering many and varied businesses.

    We have been where you are; we know how it feels and we know
    what it means to you.


  • We Always GET RESULTS

    We know the true value of getting a resolution – not just financial, but for your health, welfare and your family.
    The ability to “move on” must never be underestimated.

    We can help you think outside the box and to create a “win-win”.

Our Services

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and affordable dispute resolution process conducted by an independent neutral party (the mediator) who assists the parties in finding a mutually agreeable solution to their dispute, all without spending a fortune on legal fees and court costs.